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Mobile Journalism Workshop -- for iOS
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Sun Oct 7, 2018
Topaz (3rd Floor)


Mojo Masterclass – As journalism becomes increasingly competitive, professional and community journalists need broader digital storytelling skills built around mobile journalism (mojo) literacies, apps and hardware. 

This Guerrilla Workshop is a fast track introduction to mobile journalism where participants get an overview of SCRAP, a digital storytelling language; edit rules and workflows; hardware (smartphones, lights, microphones and tripods); functional apps for shooting, editing, and post-production. More specifically, participants will get a basic overview of how to shoot, edit and publish a video story using just your smartphone. 

There are two workshops: this session for iOS and the next for Android. You should enroll in the one that suits your hardware. You will need the following: 

iPhone or Android smartphone with the following apps: 

iMovie (iOS), Kinemaster (iOS and Android) -- download both if you have an iPhone; 

We Transfer (iOS and Android); 

Ferrite (iOS); 

Vont (iOS and Android); 

iXpand, Airstash.

Please download these Free apps and check that they work prior to the workshop. Advanced apps that will be discussed, which are not free, are Filmic Pro and Camera+. Go Mojo!

Ivo Burum
Lecturer & Coordinator Media Industries, La Trobe University

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