Friday, January, 25
Scholars Showcase Panel for the USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholars Program (2018/19)
Panel Discussion
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Snowy Egret


  • Satya Acharya (Speaker) Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
  • Doan Winkel (Speaker) John J. Kahl, Sr. Chair in Entrepreneurship & Director, Edward Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship, John Carroll University
  • Kimberly Witzel Pichot (Speaker) Associate Professor of Marketing, Andrews University
  • Dennis Barber (Speaker) East Carolina University
  • Jennifer Capps (Speaker) Director of Student Learning and Faculty Development, NC State University, NC State Entrepreneurship
  • Tonisha Dixit (Speaker) Research Associate - Incubation & Acceleration, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
  • Devkamal Dutta (Speaker) Professor, University of New Hampshire
  • Emma Fleck (Speaker) Susquehanna University
  • Mary Foster (Speaker) Associate Professor, Morgan State University
  • Jose Fulgencio (Speaker) Educator | Facilitator | Blogger | Consultant, LDMS Media
  • Georgann Jouflas (Speaker) Ms
  • Michael Meeks (Speaker) Associate Professor , Louisiana State University Shreveport
  • Jennifer Miller (Speaker) Associate Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Stephanie Raible (Speaker) Assistant Professor & Faculty Director | Social Entrepreneurship, University of Delaware
  • Jessa Wilcoxen (Speaker) Chair of Arts Technology, Millikin University
  • Ben Williams (Speaker) University of Missouri - Kansas City


Authors: Satya Acharya, Dennis Barber, Alex Bruton, Jennifer Capps, Tonisha Dixit, Devkamal Dutta, Emma Fleck, Mary Foster, Jose Fulgencio, Georgann Jouflas, Michael Meeks, Jennifer Miller, Kimberly Witzel Pichot, Stephanie Raible, Jessa Wilcoxen, Ben Williams and Doan Winkel

The USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholars Program ( is building the next generation of global leaders in teaching and learning for entrepreneurship. Through it, top USASBE members are designing, implementing, testing, and publishing (in a form appropriate to their goals) an innovative curriculum project that'll move the needle at their school in some way related to a significant student learning experience. In this Scholars Showcase Panel session, the 2018/19 scholars will share the designs they have developed, highlight their experiences as a scholar, and seek feedback from those in the audience before embarking on implementing their projects in Winter 2019.

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