Re-Think Re-Envision Re-Design
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Tue Jul 23, 2019
CKB 204
Design Strategy Product Management Breakout Panel Accessibility Development AIDevCon Marketing


This panel will include three perspectives who will inform and inspire conference participants to rethink, re-envision and redesign a culture that produces inclusive innovation and radically inclusive voice design. In our fast-approaching “voice-first” world, are all voices being included in product design for, well, all voices, including those who are non-verbal? Attendees will be invited to consider their current inclusion strategies (are they strong or non-existent?). More so, they’ll learn how to discover and expose innovation blind spots based on implicit bias, and to imagine and implement new practices to build more inclusive, innovative voice products and services.

Participants will leave empowered to use their own voice to better include all voices in their companies and products, because as E.A.T. artist and world-renowned beatboxer Harry Yeff states, “As our voices grow, we grow.” As all voices are embraced in voice product design, our companies can grow too.

The panel includes Domhnaill Hernon, the Head of Engineering, Art, and Technology (E.A.T.) at Nokia Bell Labs, who will introduce the audience to E.A.T. program examples of voice and other machine learning, algorithm, and AI technologies designed for all and some that weren’t and how it happened.

Helen Todd, CEO of social media agency Sociality Squared, will speak to what the industry is doing well and where it can improve to be more inclusive for the full spectrum of its users when it comes to voice integrations in how we are connected through social media, especially people who rely on voice readers to access visual-first platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Dillan DiGiovanni, coach, writer and speaker on identity, resilience and integrity, will share anecdotes from his life’s work on identity development and how individuals and companies can go beyond a check-box exercise to help achieve truly inclusive innovation and voice product design.

Domhnaill Hernon Head of Experiments in Art and Technology, Nokia Bell Labs
Helen Todd CEO, Sociality Squared
Dillan DiGiovanni Integrative Identity Coach, Dillan DiGiovanni

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