Deceptively Simple - Designing a Voice Experience
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Tue Jul 23, 2019
CTR 240
Design Strategy Product Management Breakout Talk Development AIDevCon Education Marketing


How do you design a voice experience for an audience that is still learning to speak? That was the unique challenge faced by the Voice + AI team at the BBC.

Over the past year I've lead the design of a voice experience that aims to be immersive and engaging, yet simple enough for a three year old to use. The final result – the BBC Kids Skill – hides a wealth of complex design decisions behind a child friendly exterior. I'll share how the BBC approached this unique challenge, why we chose to focus on this audience and what we learned about designing for voice in the process.

I'll explore the unique considerations that designing a voice experience for children demands and demonstrate the solutions that we've employed to provide a usable experience.

Participants will learn about the universal voice design principles that underpin the BBC Kids skill. Through a series of illustrated examples, I'll show that by understanding how to design a voice experience for children you're understanding how to design a voice experience for anyone.

Paul Jackson Senior UX Designer, BBC Voice + AI

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