What is inclusive voice design?
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Thu Jul 25, 2019
CKB 217
Design Strategy Breakout Panel Accessibility Inclusion Development UX

Voice is the first technology that could be universally accessible and democratized regardless of the user’s background, literacy, physical ability, age, or gender. The voice phenomenon has accelerated and taken on new markets around the world. People from diverse backgrounds are increasingly using #voicefirst technology such as smart speakers and in-car voice assistants. There's a need for voice to be widely accessible, but is it? Is voice designed for everyone or is it reinforcing stereotypes? How can we avoid the pitfalls of biased design and why does this matter now more than ever?

Bradley Metrock CEO, Score Publishing
Emily Binder Founder, Voice Marketing Lead, Beetle Moment Marketing
Dylan Zwick Chief Product Officer, Pulse Labs
Katherine Prescott Founder & Editor, VoiceBrew
Diana Mosa Co-founder & Business Developer, Talking to me

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