Featured Case Studies - VA State Lottery
10:30 AM - 10:50 AM
Thu Jul 25, 2019
WEC Main
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The Virginia Lottery generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year to help fund Virginia’s K-12 public schools. In order to accomplish that remarkable feat, the Lottery must ensure it can reach its customers where they live and work on a daily basis. As traditional customer communication channels have fallen into sharp decline, the Virginia Lottery must evolve its consumer engagement strategy to embrace the digital transformations that continue to reshape our world.

COLAB approached the Virginia Lottery with a roadmap for building a presence on these smart devices, beginning with an Alexa Skill, followed by apps for Google Assistant and other voice platforms. The first step was creating a Virginia Lottery Alexa Skill, which could handle the basics: allowing Alexa users to ask for the latest winning numbers, the dates and times of the next big drawings, current jackpot amounts, and available games.

In the process of building the first Alexa Skill for a state lottery, COLAB discovered many of the fascinating differences in building a voice interface compared to a visual interface. More importantly however, we began to envision what the future of player engagement could be for the VA Lottery by entering this new space.

As we ideate future enhancements to the Skill, our talk with the Virginia Lottery's Director of Marketing, Terri Rose, will invite audience members to imagine the intriguing opportunities for fun and player engagement by looking at some of the prior digital engagement games that laid the foundation for building an Alexa Skill.

Eddie O’Leary Founder and President, COLAB
Terri Rose Director of Marketing, Virginia Lottery

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