What If You Don't Have a Voice 2.0?
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Thu Jul 25, 2019
CKB 204
Design Strategy Breakout Panel Accessibility Sponsored Inclusion Development UX

Discussion: Voice-based AI has become a big business for Amazon and other technology rivals such as Google, Apple and Microsoft. These companies are partnering to create easy-to-use devices that we can talk with. In some cases the researchers and business specialists creating such technology are developing a myriad of Assistive Technologies, some of which can be activated by voice commands. Yet not all individuals have the ability of speech. These individuals are differently abled and may use captioning apps and devices, video relay American Sign Language, or Assistive Technology software and equipment both at home and in the workplace. In our workplaces it is essential for companies to be mindful that all individuals have a voice to contribute as top talent with differently abled skills and abilities, in many cases driving the success of our businesses. However that voice may communicate in different ways other than speech. When supporting this talent to perform at high levels, how can we use technology to interact with tools such as Alexa and other voice based services. How can we use technology to activate these devices and glean the benefits of these services without a 'voice'? And how can we build Universal Design functionality into technology we develop for it to be truly accessible for all.

David Heafitz Vice President, Prudential Financial
Thomas Chappell Senior Associate, Infra Sysdev, Prudential Financial
Diane Hettinger Director Health and Wellness, Prudential Financial

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