Monday, July 6
Fervor in Full Bloom: Interactive Ambient Music | Zachary Talis
Flotilla Hub Events Immersive Arts
Monday, July 6
5:15 pm - 6:00 pm
Mozilla Hubs - ProPass++ - FFB Room, Discord


  • Zachary Talis (Speaker) Undergraduate Student, Rochester Institute of Technology


Experience the debut of "Fervor in Full Bloom," an audience-led audiovisual piece that utilizes both Mozilla Hubs and Discord.
Taking place at:

(and within the #fullbloom Discord channel) VR researcher Zachary Talis explains how they and a team of fellow students sculpted a musical language around virtual physicality. Building off the work of musicians Peter Ferry and Elliot Cole, the team implemented a system of Blooms, flower-inspired VR objects that act as diegetic, user-parsable note sequences. "Fervor in Full Bloom" reutilizes Bloom methodology, transcribing user messages into ambient noise and video for the virtual space.

The piece explores matters of digitization, language, and abstraction. Attendees, prepare to type in Discord while within the Mozilla Hubs room. For more information regarding the Full Bloom VR title, see:

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