The Place of Nonprofits
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Thu May 20, 2021


Jan Masaoka, Jon Pratt, and Laura Pierce will discuss the place of nonprofits today – in our local communities, state, and across the country. What is our unique role in building healthy communities, strengthening democracy and civic engagement, and recovering from the ongoing pandemic? How do nonprofits relate to our communities, government, the business sector, and philanthropy? How are these relationships shifting, and what changes will make the most difference? Serving as the CEO and Executive Directors of the California Association of Nonprofits, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and Washington Nonprofits respectively, our conversationalists will share their perspectives about where the nonprofit sector has come from, where we are now, and where the opportunities lie ahead.

Keynote Speaker
Jan Masaoka CEO, California Association of Nonprofits
Jon Pratt Executive Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Laura Pierce Executive Director, Washington Nonprofits