Glen Robson

IIIF Technical Coordinator, IIIF

Glen is speaking at

Tuesday PM - Track 2
June 22, 2021
2:40 pm - 3:00 pm



The IIIF Discovery TSG has been working on a successor to the old “drag and drop a IIIF icon” import to viewer paradigm that many of us are familiar with, with a view to creating a richer specification that allows for many different interactions, not just drag and drop:

  • Opening a manifest at a particular canvas
  • Highlighting text or images on the canvas
  • Opening multiple manifests for comparison
  • Deep linking into IIIF resources
  • Bookmarking, sharing, and citing IIIF resources and their parts

We already have interoperability of content with the Presentation API — using the same content in different tools and viewers, remixing, annotation and so on. In this session we are announcing the 1.0 Content State specification which gives us more interoperability for IIIF resources across presentation software — how we take some view of a IIIF resource from one context to another.

We will also feature a number of demos of implementations of this specification.

In addition to covering IIIF Content State, we will also introduce the IIIF Registry.

The IIIF Change Discovery API specification (announced at the last IIIF conference) describes a simple, easy to create format for publishing lists of IIIF resources which can be harvested and indexed by potential aggregators. The IIIF Registry is a place where institutions can publish their Change Discovery API endpoints for discovery and aggregation, and where potential aggregators or anyone interested in discovering the world’s IIIF resources can find these endpoints.

We will describe how the Registry works and how you can contribute to it.

There will be time for questions and discussion around Content State, Change Discovery, and the IIIF Registry after the presentations and demos.

Plenary Sessions
June 23, 2021
9:00 am - 10:10 am



  1. IIIF Universal Viewer for Wordpress: an update from the Folger by Rebecca Niles
  2. Image Alignment Challenges: State of the Art by Anne McLaughlin
  3. Can we use IIIF and machine learning to migrate image metadata across continents? by Daniel van Strien, Mike Trizna and Glen Robson
  4. Integrating IIIF in Scalar by Cole Crawford and Tylor Dodge
  5. Using a Static Site Generator to generate IIIF Level 0 manifests for the web by John Meyerhofer
  6. Making digital facsimiles accessible: The Mirador 3 Text Overlay Plugin by Johannes Baiter
  7. navPlace Extension by Bryan Haberberger and IIIF Maps TSG
  8. iOS mobile app powered by Art Institute's public API by Yujeong Lee
  9. Editing IIIF manifests in Archipelago by Allison Lund and Diego Pino Navarro
  10. IIIFNest - yet another IIIF Presentation API server by Leander Seige and Susanne Seige

Wednesday PM - Track 1
June 23, 2021
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


  • Dawn Childress (Speaker) Librarian for Digital Collections & Scholarship; Director, Sinai Manuscripts Digital Library, UCLA
  • Trip Kirkpatrick (Speaker) Technical Lead, Special Collections, Yale University Library
  • Bryan Haberberger (Speaker) Full Stack Developer, IIIF Maps TSG co-chair, Walter J. Ong, S.J., Center for Digital Humanities at Saint Louis University
  • Maria Whitaker (Speaker) Head - Digital Media Software Development, Indiana University
  • Glen Robson (Speaker) IIIF Technical Coordinator, IIIF


The Cookbook of IIIF Recipes provides users with examples of IIIF Presentation API 3.0 implementations for a wide variety of use cases through detailed implementation notes and example manifests. In the last year, the Cookbook authors have made significant progress by publishing over 25 new recipes to the website. In the first half of this hour-long session, the authors will guide attendees through the Cookbook program, beginning with a tour of the published recipes and how members of the IIIF community might make use of the Cookbook. This will be followed by an overview of the recipe publishing and review pipeline, and a tutorial on how to get involved or contribute to the Cookbook. The second half of the session will focus on active discussion and development of Cookbook recipes, such as talking through or defining new use cases and working through a recipe together as a group.

Wednesday PM - Track 1
June 23, 2021
3:25 pm - 3:45 pm


  • Glen Robson (Speaker) IIIF Technical Coordinator, IIIF
  • Ben Bakelaar (Speaker) Founder & Digital Architect, Human Experience Systems


With the release of Simple Annotation Server 2.0, there are significant updates available including user authentication via OAuth, multi-user support, personal annotation collections, and ability to share into an IIIF Collection. Together, these updates support new use cases for centralized interactive scholarship with IIIF materials. The METAscripta project out of St. Louis University, which funded the recent development, will describe their customized, cloud-hosted implementation of SAS and initial use in the classroom. We are looking for feedback from the community on the utility of these new features and any other potentially useful directions the product might look towards.

Regional Meetings
June 24, 2021
5:00 am - 6:30 am


  • Claire Knowles (Speaker) Head of Research Support and Digital Libraries, University of Leeds
  • Joseph Padfield (Speaker) Principal Scientist, The National Gallery
  • Glen Robson (Speaker) IIIF Technical Coordinator, IIIF

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