Diego Pino Navarro

Assistant Director for Digital Strategy, Metropolitan New York Library Council

Diego is speaking at

Plenary Sessions
June 23, 2021
9:00 am - 10:10 am



  1. IIIF Universal Viewer for Wordpress: an update from the Folger by Rebecca Niles
  2. Image Alignment Challenges: State of the Art by Anne McLaughlin
  3. Can we use IIIF and machine learning to migrate image metadata across continents? by Daniel van Strien, Mike Trizna and Glen Robson
  4. Integrating IIIF in Scalar by Cole Crawford and Tylor Dodge
  5. Using a Static Site Generator to generate IIIF Level 0 manifests for the web by John Meyerhofer
  6. Making digital facsimiles accessible: The Mirador 3 Text Overlay Plugin by Johannes Baiter
  7. navPlace Extension by Bryan Haberberger and IIIF Maps TSG
  8. iOS mobile app powered by Art Institute's public API by Yujeong Lee
  9. Editing IIIF manifests in Archipelago by Allison Lund and Diego Pino Navarro
  10. IIIFNest - yet another IIIF Presentation API server by Leander Seige and Susanne Seige

Thursday AM - Track 2
June 24, 2021
10:20 am - 10:40 am


  • Allison Lund (Speaker) Digital Projects & Metadata Librarian, Metropolitan New York Library Council
  • Diego Pino Navarro (Speaker) Assistant Director for Digital Strategy, Metropolitan New York Library Council


Archipelago is an open source repository system developed and supported by the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO). Archipelago leverages Drupal’s core content management and custom Archipelago components, the Strawberryfield modules, to form a flexible and extensible digital repository system. All data, including metadata, for digital objects and collections is stored in JSON, and can be cast into different metadata schemas and displays depending on institutional and community needs. IIIF APIs and IIIF compliant viewer customizations are woven into Archipelago’s architecture and functionality.

During this presentation, participants will learn how IIIF Image and Presentation (2.1 and 3.0) APIs are implemented in an Archipelago repository. Participants will also briefly see live demonstrations of customized Mirador 3, Internet Archive Bookreader (custom IIIF plugin), OpenSeadragon (with IIIF Tile source and W3C Web Annotations), and A/V media viewers using example digital objects and collections. We will also conduct a live demonstration of editing a IIIF manifest to source different metadata values (such as alternative LoD sources for Creator/Author information) using Archipelago’s Metadata Display Editing & Preview capabilities, to showcase how Archipelago can be used to develop IIIF manifest understanding and skills. Participants will be invited to interact with the same freely-accessible Archipelago instance and resources on their own following the presentation.

In harmony with IIIF’s goals and guiding principles, Archipelago's primary focus is to serve greater repositories, libraries, archives, museums, and cultural heritage communities by providing an adaptable, consistent, and unified way of describing, storing, linking, and exposing metadata and media assets. This workshop is for all practitioners (including metadata librarians/professionals, repository managers, and data producers) involved with metadata modeling, creation, and management in repositories environments, with a focus on learning and working with IIIF manifests and resources.

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