Daniel Van Strien

Digital Curator, British Library

Daniel is speaking at

Plenary Sessions
June 22, 2021
9:30 am - 10:40 am


  • Dawn Childress (Speaker) Librarian for Digital Collections & Scholarship; Director, Sinai Manuscripts Digital Library, UCLA
  • Trip Kirkpatrick (Speaker) Technical Lead, Special Collections, Yale University Library
  • Bryan Haberberger (Speaker) Full Stack Developer, IIIF Maps TSG co-chair, Walter J. Ong, S.J., Center for Digital Humanities at Saint Louis University
  • Maria Whitaker (Speaker) Head - Digital Media Software Development, Indiana University
  • Courtney McClellan (Speaker) Innovator in Residene, Library of Congress
  • Adam Arling (Speaker) UI Developer, Northwestern University
  • Jaime Mears (Speaker) Senior Innovation Specialist, Library of Congress
  • Luca Carini (Speaker) Senior Web Developer, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Giovanni Benigni (Speaker) Senior Principal Software Engineer, Vatican Museums
  • Madison Goforth (Speaker) Collections Systems Specialist, Princeton University Art Museum
  • David Newbury (Speaker) Head of Software, Getty
  • Ian Gifford (Speaker) Head of Digital Development, The University of Manchester Library
  • Pete Morris (Speaker) Software Developer, The University of Manchester
  • Ben Bakelaar (Speaker) Founder & Digital Architect, Human Experience Systems
  • Julien A. Raemy (Speaker) Assistant / PhD Candidate, Data & Service Center for the Humanities (DaSCH) / University of Basel
  • Lukas Rosenthaler (Speaker) Director, Data and Service Center for the Humanities
  • Kevin S. Clarke (Speaker) Digital Library Software Developer, UCLA Library
  • Mark Matney (Speaker) Digital Library Software Developer, UCLA
  • Daniel Van Strien (Speaker) Digital Curator, British Library


  1. Introduction to the Cookbook of IIIF Recipes by Dawn Childress, Trip Kirkpatrick, Bryan Haberberger and Maria Whitaker
  2. Speculative Annotation at the Library of Congress by Courtney McClellan, Adam J. Arling and Jaime Mears
  3. Virtual Teaching at the Princeton University Art Museum by Madison Goforth
  4. Stereographs in IIIF by David Newbury
  5. IIIF and Machine Learning Inference: A Love Story? by Daniel van Strien
  6. Manchester Digital Collections - Creating a dynamic home page by Ian Gifford and Pete Morris
  7. Converting 100k+ TIFFs to JPEG2000 in 24 hours: cloud vs. local processing by Ben Bakelaar
  8. Presenting SIPI, a Versatile IIIF Image API 3 Server by Julien A. Raemy and Lukas Rosenthaler
  9. Implementing Presentation v3 in a Jiiify by Kevin S. Clarke and Mark Matney
  10. A Collaborative Effort: Raphael Reassembled by Luca Carini and Giovanni Benigni (Vatican Museums)

Plenary Sessions
June 23, 2021
9:00 am - 10:10 am



  1. IIIF Universal Viewer for Wordpress: an update from the Folger by Rebecca Niles
  2. Image Alignment Challenges: State of the Art by Anne McLaughlin
  3. Can we use IIIF and machine learning to migrate image metadata across continents? by Daniel van Strien, Mike Trizna and Glen Robson
  4. Integrating IIIF in Scalar by Cole Crawford and Tylor Dodge
  5. Using a Static Site Generator to generate IIIF Level 0 manifests for the web by John Meyerhofer
  6. Making digital facsimiles accessible: The Mirador 3 Text Overlay Plugin by Johannes Baiter
  7. navPlace Extension by Bryan Haberberger and IIIF Maps TSG
  8. iOS mobile app powered by Art Institute's public API by Yujeong Lee
  9. Editing IIIF manifests in Archipelago by Allison Lund and Diego Pino Navarro
  10. IIIFNest - yet another IIIF Presentation API server by Leander Seige and Susanne Seige

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