Dom Pates

Senior Educational Technologist, City, University of London

Dom Pates is a Senior Educational Technologist at City. He manages the educational technology relationship with three schools – Cass Business School, The City Law School, and the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. Specialising in innovations in learning spaces, he has contributed to the design of key space developments at City, including a flagship lecture theatre, a suite of collaborative PC labs, and a bespoke space for teaching Artificial Intelligence. Pates led the introduction of wireless collaboration technologies to City, enabling academics to wirelessly display content from a mobile device in specialist Engineering labs, and he is co-managing an initiative to incorporate this functionality into all of City’s learning spaces.

Dom is speaking at

February 11, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


  • Dom Pates (Speaker) Senior Educational Technologist, City, University of London


In November 2018, Imperial College Business School launched what it claimed to be the ‘world’s first holographic event at a university,’ using an emerging technology that projects life-sized 3D holographic entities onto stages from remote locations. Teaching via telepresence has the potential for significant disruption and also raises profound questions around the pedagogy of giving lectures in this way. Will ‘holography’ remove the final barriers between the co-located and the distant, or will it lead to new barriers between teacher and learner? What are the unique affordances and particular challenges of educational experiences such as these? Would the holographic academic become just another educational technology gimmick, or could it become the next learning frontier?

In this workshop we will use a speculative design approach to imagine a possible future where we need to plan for the use of such tools. Participants will be encouraged to think ahead and develop a set of approaches for supporting those preparing to enter into this brave new world. In doing so, they will gain insights into the potentials and challenges of this tool as an emerging educational technology for bringing new dimensions to blended and distance learning.

There will be a short coffee break during this workshop.

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