Seungsun Lee

MSAT Upstream part leader, Samsung Biologics

After obtaining a master’s degree in Cell Engineering, Seungsun continued on to establish a career in diverse scientific areas such as in cell culture process development, tech transfer, validation, and cGMP. Before joining Samsung, he participated in numerous production process development using various animal cells including CHO cells for antibody and fusion protein production. He also had experience with bacteria, yeast fermentation and virus production. After years of working at such donor sites, he finally went on to join Samsung Biologics in 2016, leading cell culture tech transfer projects ranging from orphan drugs to blockbuster and biosimilars. As one of the founding members of Plant 3, he not only actively participated in and succeeded in operating the world’s biggest protein production plant but also contributed to the making of the newly made Plant 3 MSAT team. Furthermore, he took part in the setup of the N-1 perfusion process in Plant 3, which was carried out very successfully, resulting in cell productions with high concentrations. As the current part leader of Plant 3 MSAT Upstream Process Part, he is leading various kinds of innovation activities to reinforce Samsung Biologics’ competitiveness.

Seungsun is speaking at

July 7, 2020
2:20 pm - 2:45 pm


  • Seungsun Lee (Speaker) MSAT Upstream part leader, Samsung Biologics


  • Case study on how Samsung Biologics enabled reduced production time using N-1 (3,000L) Perfusion with Alternating Tangential Flow (ATF) Device.
  • Achieving higher cell culture densities (up to 10-fold) whilst retaining high cell viabilities (>98%) at the seed stage (N-1) to enable inoculation of the production bioreactors (15,000L) at higher cell densities and achieve peak cell densities within shorter culture durations.

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