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Stephen Hinkle


Self Advocate


Self Advocate


Stephen Hinkle has been speaking around the country for over 13 years in the fields of Autism, Inclusive Education, and Disability Policy. Stephen obtained a Master’s degree in Special Education with emphasis in Disability Policy Studies from Northern Arizona University in 2011. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2007 from San Diego State University. Stephen has previously worked in the Information Technology field specializing in technical support and distance learning. Stephen graduated from high school in 1997 with a standard diploma and was mostly in regular classes since 4th grade. When Stephen was diagnosed with Autism, his parents were told by a psychiatrist to institutionalize him. He was never institutionalized and was raised as a normal child with special needs. Stephen is very talented in the field of technology and has been able to program a computer since he was four years old. During Stephen's life, it has been an uphill battle to advocate the public education system to meet his needs which was a challenge for his parents. Stephen spends his time training teachers and parents to help people with special needs succeed. He also works to help school systems, advocacy organizations, and others adopt better policies and methods to improve the success rates of people with special needs and reduce the culture of poverty and loneliness that many with special needs experience growing up. Today, Stephen makes his home in San Diego, CA. In past years, he has lived in Flagstaff, AZ, El Paso, TX, Alamogordo, NM, Mesa, AZ, Indianapolis, IN, Virginia Beach, VA, and Dallas, TX. He has one brother, Scott.

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