Dell Stubblefield

Community Engagement Specialist and CURE Community Advisory Board Member, Hope Village Revitalization

Dell is a lifelong resident of Detroit, and currently resides in a community known as HOPE Village. She is a Community Engagement Specialist with HOPE Village Revitalization, a Community Development Corporation, with a 100% community-controlled board. As a part of her work, she is actively involved in efforts to bring the neighborhood together, and to move the community forward, while helping the residents develop a sense of empowerment. Dell is active with the Hope Village Farmer's Market, Citizenship for Health, a co-host for the community connect call-in and, on the CURES Community Advisory Board. Dell is a Senior Advocate for the community, and for the Village of Oakman Manor Senior Residence. She has also participated in an Inter-Generational mentoring group. Dell is usually very active and feels this helps to keep her healthy, and her spirits high.

Dell is speaking at

December 1, 2020
8:00 am - 8:30 am


  • Voncile Brown-Miller (Emcee) Community Outreach Manage, Karmanos Cancer Institute/ Wayne State University
  • Rhonda Dailey, M.D. (Co-Chair) Assistant Professor, Department of Family of Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Office of Community Engaged Research
  • Carrie Leach, Ph.D. (Co-Chair) Research Associate, CURES & Institute of Gerontology, WSU
  • Hayley Thompson, Ph.D. (Co-Chair) Professor, Karmanos Cancer Institute - Wayne State University
  • Stephen Lanier, Ph.D. (Host) Vice President for Research, Wayne State University
  • Anne Schwartz, Ph.D. (Host) Deputy Director and Executive Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs , Karmanos Cancer Institute
  • Dell Stubblefield (Speaker) Community Engagement Specialist and CURE Community Advisory Board Member, Hope Village Revitalization


Welcoming remarks from Wayne State University and Karmanos Cancer Institute leadership.  Dell Stubblefield will share a brief history of Detroit.

December 1, 2020
10:30 am - 11:30 am



In this session, participants will hear from community leaders and learn how to build community-academic research partnerships and negotiate budgets, intellectual property, and different organizational work styles.

We will focus on resources for community-based organizations in negotiating research partnerships; guidelines for researchers in approaching community-based organizations and consider key questions, such as: What are the benefits of research partnerships to community stakeholders? What are the experiences of community members who have already taken part of research?  How do you approach and build relationships with community-based organizations? 

  • Negotiating Research Partnerships, Asraa Alhawli, ACCESS, Advocacy Specialist & Research Coordinator ACCESS Community Health and Research Center 
  • The Role of Research in Advocating for Environmental Justice, Sandra Turner-Handy, CURES Community Advisory Board, Engagement Director, Michigan Environmental Council
  • Community Compensation from a Health Equity Lens, Rev Sarah Bailey, Flint Community Ethics Review Board
  • Community In-Reach: Leveraging Academic Connections for Community Protection, Dell Stubblefield, CURES CAB member, Hope Village 

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