Tam Perry

Associate Professor, WSU

Dr. Tam E. Perry is an associate professor at Wayne State University School of Social Work. Her research addresses urban aging from a life course perspective, focusing on how underserved older adults navigate their social and built environments in times of instability and change. She conducts translational research projects that address older adults’ well-being in urban communities such as the Flint water crisis, and older adults experiences of gentrification in Detroit, particularly examining the relationship of older adults to their homes. She is also active in interdisciplinary research including teaching the Social Work and Anthropology Integrative Seminar at Wayne State University, and a founding executive member of the Scholars Across Social Work and Anthropology (SASW). She is a principal investigator of a project entitled, “Older Adults’ Experiences and Understandings of the Flint Water Crisis,” which focuses on the intersection between housing and health. This project received the Betty J. Cleckley Minority Issues Research Award from the Aging and Public Health Section of American Public Health Association for this research. She also serves as research chair and vice-chair of strategic planning of a multi-agency coalition, Senior Housing Preservation-Detroit. Two of her current projects are "Navigating Time and Space: Experiences of Aging with Hemophilia" funded by the National Hemophilia Foundation and "Experiences of Belonging: Assessing Vulnerabilities of Older Detroiters Within Changing Urban Environments" funded by the Wayne State University's Healthy Urban Waters program. She has recently been selected to be a fellow in the Gerontological Society of America and currently serves as president of the Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work (AGESW).

Tam is speaking at

December 1, 2020
4:30 pm - 5:45 pm


  • Michael Simon, M.D. (Moderator) Medical Oncologist, Professor of Oncology, Karmanos Cancer Institute
  • Stephanie Harbin (Speaker) Community Advisory Board Member, Community COVID Crushers Action Council
  • Elizabeth Towner, Ph.D. (Speaker) Assistant Professor of Family Medicine & Public Health Sciences , Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • Brittany Dowe, M.P.H. (Speaker) Research Assistant in the Office of Cancer Health Equity and Community Engagement, Karmanos Cancer Institute
  • Voncile Brown-Miller (Speaker) Community Outreach Manage, Karmanos Cancer Institute/ Wayne State University
  • Craig Cook (Speaker) Karmanos Cancer Institute
  • Anitta Orr, M.S. (Speaker) Cancer Action Council Member, Karmanos Cancer Institute Conner Creek Action Council
  • Cornelius Wilson (Speaker) Karmanos Cancer Institute's Black Men's Cancer Action Council Member, SAGE Metro Detroit
  • Tam Perry (Speaker) Associate Professor, WSU
  • Jan Bishop (Speaker) Community Member, WSU - HCAB
  • Karen Young (Speaker) HCAB, WSU
  • Yolanda Harrison (Speaker) family healthcare advocate, Detroit Parent Network
  • Lance Gable J.D., M.P.H. (Speaker) Associate Professor, Wayne State University
  • William Shuster, Ph.D. (Speaker) Professor, Chair, Wayne State U., Professor, Dept. Chair, Civil-Environmental Engrg.
  • Jeffrey Ram, Ph.D. (Speaker) Professor, Department of Physiology, Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • Seth Norrholm, Ph.D. (Speaker) Associate Professor, Wayne State School of Medicine
  • Ty Partridge, Ph.D. (Speaker) Professor, Department of Psychology, Wayne State University
  • Chris Trentacosta, Ph.D. (Speaker) Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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