Dina Padalkina

Founder, Circular Berlin

Since 2017 Dina is actively involved in the Circular Economy scene leading the association Circular Berlin, Berlin based non-profit, accelerating Berlin’s transition towards a circular city. Primary Dina is involved in the topics of circular built environment and circular city Gathering diverse cross-industry knowledge she is full time active in it and cooperates with many Berlin-based partners as well as she is part of many European Circular Economy networks. Dina developed 5 years professional experience in the Strategy and Business consulting in the area of Technology and Digital business model, covering projects across diverse sectors.

Dina is speaking at

Application Track 5 - Smart society
November 3, 2020
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm



The session showcases examples of Circular Economy initiatives across Europe that integrate AI and Big Data solutions. The examples are drawn both from an urban and rural context.


  • Give examples on how a correct information flow is an enabler for circular economies
  • Create awareness on business models that can enable data-driven circularity

Further description:

The term " Smart Society " encompasses several areas, including the smart city, smart government, smart mobility and the Circular Economy. All these perspectives are fundamental to the development of societies that are sustainable and intelligently connected. The circular economy is a pillar of this " Smart Society ", an economic concept whose objective is that the value of products, materials and resources (e.g. water, energy) is maintained in the economy as long as possible, optimizing the use of them in an intelligent way. It also aims to minimize waste production and works towards implementing a new -non-linear- economy based on the principle of "closing the life cycle" of goods, services, waste, materials, water and energy. As in any process, artificial intelligence (AI) can play an important role in enabling this systemic change. During the event, expert speakers from different backgrounds will present examples and discuss aspects of the Circular Economy.

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