Daniele Rizzi

Policy Officer, European Commission - DG CNECT - Unit G1 - Data policy and innovation

Daniele Rizzi has a degree in civil engineering from the Politecnico di Milano University. He spent most of his professional life working on the development of information and communication systems and tools, in particular in the domain of spatial information, both in the private and the public sector. Daniele joined the European Commission in 1993, where from 2004 to 2012 he worked on the adoption and implementation of a European spatial data infrastructure (INSPIRE). Since December 2012 he contributes to the development of policies in support to the European data economy in Commission's Directorate-general for Communications Networks, Content and Technology; he works in particular on the deployment of a European infrastructure supporting open data data access and re-use.

Daniele is speaking at

Focus Track 1 - European Data Spaces
November 4, 2020
10:00 am - 11:30 am



The session will illustrate what facilities and tools are made available by the European Commission – in particular through Public Open Data infrastructure under the Connecting Europe Facilities programme  – to support European citizens, business and organizations find and re-use public data resources.

By the end of the session, the audience will:
  • Know what the EC does to support citizens, businesses and organisations to discover and re-use public data resources.
  • Understand what the European Data Portal is and how they can use it for their needs.
  • Understand what the Context Broker is and how they can use it for their needs. With concrete examples on how the Building Block can help their project.
  • Understand what the Support Centre for Data Sharing is and how they can use it for their needs.
The European Data Portal (EDP, https://www.europeandataportal.eu) is the European Union’s largest project for the promotion and re-use of Public Sector Information and open data in Europe. It supports the Member States in publishing more and better data on one side, and the public to be informed of the opportunities and value made available to them for re-use.

The Connecting Europe Facility Context Broker (CB, https://ec.europa.eu/cefdigital/cb) is a digital platform component that enables the collection and integration of real-time data and allows using this data to gain insights for further exploitation. It can be used for building smart-data apps in many domains such as smart cities, or other data-driven organisations, while reducing costs and time in the development.

The Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS, https://eudatasharing.eu/) builds and expands the EDP mission to the space of data sharing in general, for the exploitation of data in ways that are secure, sound, and in compliance with regulations.

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