AI Industry and Ecosystem Strategy Advisor, Huawei

Loretta TIOIELA is an Entrepreneur and AI Industry and Ecosystem Strategy Advisor at Huawei. Loretta is an innovative strategy and product executive with more then 12 years experience in creating, developing and marketing disruptive technologies for industry key players such as Huawei, Samsung and Orange and high-growth startups such Scaleway. Before joining Huawei, Loretta was the Chief Product Officer and Vice President of AI platforms at Scaleway. Her scope for work included the development from scratch of a portfolio of more then 10 AI and Cloud computing infrastructure products within a year to reposition the company as a key leading European Cloud Service Provider. She has been specializing over the last past 5 years in applying AI to healthcare and has worked on topics such as knowledge graphs, computer vision, natural language processing, federated learning and the standardisation of health data hubs. Her focus now is on building a stronger investment and industry ecosystem in Europe for deeptech with a keen interest in AI , HPC and Quantum Computing and Synthetic Biology.

Loretta is speaking at

Sponsored talk
November 5, 2020
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm


  • Loretta TIOIELA (Sponsor speaker) AI Industry and Ecosystem Strategy Advisor, Huawei


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