Andrea Cruciani

CEO, Teamdev

Agricolus co-founder and CEO, member of FIWARE Foundation BoD. I run the international business area and the financial aspects of the company. I've a technical background and experience in multidevice applications Development, Enterprise Architectures, Cloud Computing and GIS. I'm involved in Innovative Startup Evolution and scaleup, during the years I worked with Public Administration, multinational companies, NGOs and SMEs .I'm speaker for several universities and public events where I'm invited to discuss about entrepreneurship and digital transformation, and I'm contributor in several technical articles and publications about agritech.

Andrea is speaking at

Focus Track 1 - European Data Spaces
November 5, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Cloud technologies are key enablers to unleash the potential of the European data economy and ensure its industrial competitiveness, providing secure data storage and sharing, as well as empowering applications and solutions ranging from artificial intelligence to simulation, modelling, digital twins and high performance computing. Accordingly, the European Commission presented in the EU Data Strategy an High Impact Project envisioning the creation of a European Cloud Federation supporting the wide deployment of European Data Spaces spanning from core clouds to the edge.

This session will bring on stage different experts from relevant verticals to discuss what are the adoption challenges and requirements for Future Cloud that are core to ensure the success of a European Cloud Federation as enabler for Data Spaces and future services supporting distributed data sharing and processing in the cloud-continuumThe objectives of this session are the following: 

  • Understand, in different verticals, what are adoption challenges toward clouds and more specifically the European Cloud Federation.
  • Emphasize what have been so far good practises that successful adoption of cloud and how these best practices can be adopted to realise the High Impact Project ambition.
  • Elicit requirements that future cloud technologies should satisfy to support distributed data sharing and processing in the cloud-continuum in different verticals.
  • Investigate role of EU policies in facilitating a wider adoption of cloud technologies and increased digital innovation in Europe.
The session will start with an introduction by H-CLOUD proposing current findings on the adoption challenges linked EU Cloud Federation and Future Clouds. The intro will be followed by a light talk on GAIA-X, the leading EU Cloud Federation project. Different actors from a variety of domains will then engage in a panel discussion providing their view on Adoption challenges toward a European Cloud Federation enabling European Data Spaces.

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