Santiago Cáceres

Project Manager, ITI

Santiago Cáceres PMP is DataPorts project coordinator. His main interests are applied big data and artificial intelligence solutions especially in the areas of manufacture and transportation. Santiago is electronic engineer (networking specialisation) and has more than twelve years of experience as project manager working in the areas of ICT and Security, leading and participating in highly innovative projects. He worked in the past in ETRA Research and Development, and it is now senior project manager at ITI since two years ago, being ITI a reference technological and research center specialised in the data cycle.

Santiago is speaking at

Sponsored talk
November 4, 2020
11:30 am - 12:00 pm



Hundreds of different European seaports collaborate with each other, exchanging different digital data from several data sources. However, to achieve efficient collaboration and benefit from AI-based technology, a new integrating environment is needed. To this end, DataPorts project is designing and implementing an Industrial Data Platform.

The DataPorts Platform aim is to connect to the different digital infrastructures currently existing in digital seaports, enabling the interconnection of a wide variety of systems into a tightly integrated ecosystem. In addition, to set the policies for a trusted and reliable data sharing and trading based on data owners’ rules and offering a clear value proposition. Finally, to leverage on the data collected to provide advanced Data Analytic services based on which the different actors in the port value chain could develop novel AI and cognitive applications.
The project is funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 Big Data Value PPP programme and coordinated by the Technological Institute of Informatics (ITI). DataPorts rely on the participation of 13 partners from five different nationalities. The project involves the design and implementation of the platform, its deployment in two relevant European seaports connecting to their existing digital infrastructures and addressing specific local constraints. Furthermore, a global use case involving these two ports and other actors and targeting inter-port objectives, and all the actions to foster the adoption of the platform at European level.

DataPorts will allow establish a future Data Space unique for all maritime ports of Europe and contribute to the EC global objective of creating a Common European Data Space. During this 15-20 minute talk, the most important and innovative elements of the project and the platform will be presented.

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