Francisco Estevan

CEO Insomnia, DIH

An Entrepreneur and Founder with a wealth of experience in European policy, finance and business, entrepreneurship, he has spent the past 15 years providing economic consultancy at a European level through the creation of his first company, LocalEurope. Owing to an interest in the financial world and new technologies, he would later go on to start, a self-management platform that specialises in grants and subsidies for SMEs and freelancers who provide B2B and B2B2C services to public financial and administrative public entities, both in Spain and the E.U. Following his accumulated expertise as an entrepreneur, and with the aim of creating an Open Innovation Hub with international connections, he co-founded Innsomnia Accelerator, the first fintech accelerator in Spain and the first Digital Innovation Hub in the field of fintech and insurtech, as recognised by the European Union. Innsomnia Today Innsomnia is one of the most important Open Innovation Hubs in Spain. In addition to providing acceleration and incubation to startups from all around the world across distinct verticals: fintech, insurtech, legaltech, industria 4.0. and agrotech, Innsomnia also provides workshops and business training programmes that are developed for companies and entrepreneurs and focus on the main technologies involved with the transformation of the global economic model: Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more… The Talent Route 2018 saw the launch of The Talent Route, the world’s first network of independent accelerators. Inspired by the Innsomnia model it does not require capital from startups and helps them to connect with corporates with the aim of promoting talent internationally. This firm commitment towards innovation, digitalisation and Open Innovation has allowed Innsomnia and to work directly with some of the most important companies in Spain, including Bankia, Mapfre and Accenture. The public sector has also placed its trust in Innsomnia and its group companies with important projects and, as a result, the ICEX, the European Commission and CESCE are already collaborating with Fran Estevan on the design of innovation and digitalization. Similarly Fran Estevan is a renowned writer and speaker, an expert in new technologies, innovation, policy and financing. Collaborating regularly with newspapers, magazines and specialised publications, his work within the academic world is well known thanks to participation in conferences and presentations. His weekly opinion column “Pymes and Roll” is published in El Mundo, a l eading publication, and offers insight and reflection of recent events in the world of economy and business.

Francisco is speaking at

Application Track 3 - Data Driven AI solutions
November 5, 2020
1:45 pm - 3:30 pm



Availability of data for financial services is key to unleash the potential of Artificial Intelligence technologies: the INFINITECH project, lighthouse EU H2020 project, approaches application deployment by leveraging on testbeds and sandboxes. The session will explore the importance of data-driven AI for the financial sector by comparing the highly innovative and revolutionary world of Fintech companies with Financial Institutions, conservative and resistant to digital transformation and technology disruption. The session will cover topics related to Open Innovation Hubs and acceleration programs, to highlight the importance of innovation and the opportunities of Fintechs. Moreover, the scope of the Whitepaper of the Task Force “AI and Big Data for the Financial Sector” will be presented, emphasizing market trends, vision, and the innovation impact of novel technologies on the financial sector. The session will end showing real-life scenarios from the Banking Sector.

- Infinitech impact and the mapping with the task force objectives
- Flagship project results and impact
- The role of sandboxes and testbeds
- Fintech perspective on innovation
- Open innovation hub and VDIH
- Findings of the AI Hub and the relation between Banks and AI
- Banks real applications and scenarios
- Cross-available solution for the banking sector

The AI Hub led by ABI Lab will bring valuable insights from the banking sector and more specifically the most important areas for R&D in Italian Banks.

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