Ioanna Roussaki

Assistant Professor, National Technical University of Athens

Prof. Ioanna Roussaki (F) received her Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. She received her PhD in the area of telecommunications and computer networks and became a senior research associate in the Computer Networks Laboratory of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE). In 2008, she was appointed as lecturer in SECE on ambient intelligence systems and since 2015 she is Assistant Professor in SECE at the same domain. She has participated in about 15 EU research projects, in which she held key technical or management roles. The respective research domains she worked on include Internet of Things and connected smart objects; pervasive computing system design and development; context modelling and semantics; context sensing, inference, prediction, management and distribution; smart spaces for individuals and for entire communities; self-adaptation & self-optimisation of systems, resources and services; user behaviour monitoring; proactivity and user intent prediction; personalisation, learning and reasoning; social networking systems; community-aware service provision and sharing; privacy & trust awareness, evaluation and management; risk evaluation; reputation management; data mining and similarity evaluation; decision support mechanisms; automated negotiations using intelligent agents; stochastic modelling and analysis; service engineering; structured design using formal languages; requirements extraction and specification; mobile and personal communications; algorithms and complexity theory; etc. She has over 100 publications on these research fields and she teaches computing and communications courses in SECE. In 2018, she established the Internet of Things, Intelligent Systems, Data Engineering and Media DIH (affiliated with both ICCS and NTUA) that is operational and operates within four well-established Laboratories of SECE, tackling various application domains, including Agri-food, Transport, Energy, Health, Creative industries, etc. She is a member of IEEE and the Technical Chamber of Greece. She has worked as evaluator and recorder for the EU for proposals submitted in topics under all three pillars, and has also worked as a reviewer for on going EU projects.

Ioanna is speaking at

Application Track 3 - Data Driven AI solutions
November 5, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


  • Nuria Lama (Parallel session chair) European Programmes Manager, Member of the Board of Directors of BDVA, Atos Research and Innovation
  • Ana Antunes (Speaker) Agronomist, SmartRural S.L
  • Giorgio Micheletti (Speaker) Consulting Director, IDC
  • Arne Berre (Speaker) SINTEF and NorwAI
  • Ioanna Roussaki (Speaker) Assistant Professor, National Technical University of Athens
  • Panos Ilias (Speaker) IT Business Analyst - DjustConnect, ILVO
  • Sander Janssen (Speaker) Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Team lead Earth Informatics
  • Luisa Volpe (Speaker) Head of Policy Development, World Farmers Organisation
  • Rita Gentili (Speaker) Coldiretti


The agrifood sector is one of the most important in Europe, not only because of its contribution to the economy, but also because of its relevance for rural areas, preservation of the environment or impact on citizens’ health. As many other industrial sectors, in the last years it has been increasingly adopting digital technologies. Many challenges still exist in its data-driven transformation, but it is very important that ongoing efforts are recognized and used as baseline for future developments. Large scale deployments of IoT devices have produced a vast amount of data; data models of the domain have been extended, and progress has been made in terms of data sharing and digital platforms for data integration and analytics. In addition, advances in robotics, image recognition and other disciplines are paving the way towards innovative AI-based applications.

This session will build on previous discussions about challenges but will focus specifically on creating awareness about the work done so far in data-related technologies for the agrifood domain. This concept gives us the opportunity to create links between different approaches, initiatives and projects working in the domains of big data, IoT and AI. Furthermore, we want to avoid a discussion focused exclusively in technology, as seen and “sold” by technologists. The session will give voice to the farmers and will drive a lively discussion that will undoubtedly inspire and help all the participants involved or interested in the agrifood sector.

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