Tyler Sheaves

Graduate Technical Intern, Intel Corporation

Tyler is speaking at

September 2, 2020
6:50 pm - 7:10 pm



Terry Barrette, Director, Intel PSG Academic Program
Tyler Sheaves, Intel PSG student Intern, UCDavis PhD Program

The world is facing an extraordinary crisis in the form of COVID-19. The Intel PSG Academic Program is focusing on how to continue FPGA learning through virtual platforms. This short spotlight will briefly cover a range of topics on our current Academic Program offerings along with a demo of our new remote education capability for courses using FPGA dev kits. This takes advantage of our SW and HW tools to facilitate a new virtualized teaching framework.

Attendees of this event will benefit in the following ways:
· Learn about the open source FPGA related educational materials to teaching undergrad and graduate classes.
· Learn how to sign up for hardware donations and free licensing and FPGA cloud access.
· Learn how to partner with Intel FPGA Academic Program to setup virtual/remote labs to support your teaching needs.

You can also watch the conference live through YouTube. The links are available in the community board (WebApp Link).

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