Laura Alexander Wittig

CEO + Co-Founder,

After leading social impact search initiatives for Google, scaling’s Fashion business, igniting Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community, creating products for Adobe and more, Laura was driven to create Brightly to catalyze change. She is a technical and design-focused leader with experience managing teams of all sizes and disciplines, from engineers to marketers. Along with Liza, Laura co-hosts the Good Together Podcast, part of the platform. Laura has been a featured speaker for conferences such as the Altitude Summit, Yellow Conference, Social Enterprise Alliance Summit, and has given talks at Google, Adobe, and more.

Laura is speaking at

Expand & Engage: Workshop Session
March 19, 2020
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



Learn best practices for moving people online – from keys to authentic storytelling, strategies for building an engaged audience, to tools and platforms for connecting with people and driving them to action. 

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