Rachelle Ankney

Fundraising Coordinator, Chicago Fair Trade

Rachelle Ankney is a math professor living in Chicago. She began raising money for Chicago Fair Trade by riding 308 miles in 3 days with Climate Ride. Feeling a little sore after that was done, she proposed that CFT let her train their board to do a direct ask email fundraiser. That raised over $20,000 (and has each year since). Fair Trade LA invited Rachelle to visit LA and train their board, who then held a similar, 3-day fundraiser, also raising over $20,000. Rachelle wants all local fair trade organizations to raise enough money to pay their staff a fair wage, increase their reach, and help the fair trade movement grow.

Rachelle is speaking at

Expand & Engage: Workshop Session
March 19, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



An effective fundraising strategy can help your fair trade campaign or organization grow leaps and bounds. In this workshop, Fair Trade Los Angeles and Chicago Fair Trade directors share what fundraising has allowed them to accomplish. The seasoned fundraiser who trained both organizations on direct ask fundraisers will also be on hand to explain how to build a team who will help you raise money, tackle your fears, and create a culture of fundraising to strengthen your fair trade advocacy and ensure that your campaign or organization is sustainable. 

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