Ricardo Cervantes

Co-Founder , Game Audio Latam

Ricardo Cervantes Montes, a Sound Designer and Technical Sound Designer originally from Mexico City. Currently working in Lonesome Village from the Mexican studio Ogre Pixel and independently for Incomplete VR from VR Demons.

Ricardo is speaking at

November 10, 2021
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Live Stream 2



We will first talk about the state of the industry in latinamerica, showing results from a survey we made to Game Audio people. What are the bigger indie studios and games that have come out of Latin America in the previous years.

Then, we will talk about Game Audio Latam. Who we are: an audio community that wants to shine a light and be a platform for Game Audio people in latinoamerica. What we do: create resources (like podcasts and videos) in Spanish about Game Audio, moderate a Game Audio discord, share resources created by other professionals, organize meetups and events, host a video game club (in which we invite the community to play a different Latinamerican game every month and then join us in a Q&A with the professionals who worked on that game), and meet with studio directors and developers specialized in areas other than audio to talk about their experience and raise awareness of the key points when it comes to networking and joining a team..

Lastly, we will invite people to join Game Audio Latam, and mention other communities and events that share our goal of contributing to the flourishing of game development in Latin America. This talk will be aimed at people that identify as part of the Latin American Game Audio community or are interested in the state of the industry in Latin America. After this talk, attendees will have a clear picture of the state of Game Audio in Latin America. The audience will also step out of this talk knowing of many resources, in Spanish, for audio specialists and game developers in general.

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