Anna Babinets

Editor, Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project

Anna Babinets is editor-in-chief and head of the Agency of investigative journalism, a non-profit organization based in Kyiv. The agency produces investigations - documentaries and print stories about high scale corruption and big crimes in Ukraine. Anna is also a regional editor of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). Anna specializes in discovering corruption, money laundering schemes and crimes. For the past ten years Anna has won many Ukrainian and European Awards such as those from the Fundację Reporterów and the South East Europe Media Organisation. She is also a member of the YanukovychLeaks team – a group of journalists who worked on thousands of documents found in the luxury residence of Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych after he fled to Russia as result of massive protests in Ukraine in 2014. The YanukovychLeaks team won a Global Shining Light Award by GIJN in 2015. As OCCRP editor, Anna was working on Ukrainian’s angle on Panama Papers and Paradise Papers projects – she published several stories about Ukrainian president’s Petro Poroshenko’s secret offshore companies. Anna is also one of the authors of the documentary Killing Pavel about the murder of a famous journalist in Kyiv. The documentary had a big impact in Ukraine, in which the national police admitted their mistakes during its official investigation and included facts published in the documentary to their investigation. Killing Pavel documentary in 2018 was awarded a DIG award (Italy) and an IRE Medal (USA).

Anna is speaking at

French Translation Crime & Corruption
September 28, 2019
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
Holcim Auditorium, HafenCity Universität (HCU)



French translation for this session is provided by CFI, the French media development organization.

September 28, 2019
4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
Lecture Hall 200, HafenCity Universität (HCU)


  • Paul Radu (Speaker) Director, OCCRP
  • Eva Jung (Speaker) Investigative journalist, Berlingske
  • Anna Babinets (Speaker) Editor, Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project
  • Ides Debruyne (Moderator) Managing Director,


What is it about banks and bankers? In the old days, banks were revered institutions, and bankers were considered among the most conservative of businessmen. Now prominent banks -- from Denmark's Danske and Germany's Deutsche Bank to Russia's Troika Dialog, seem the opposite with risky behavior and association with money launderers and kleptocrats. Hear from OCCRP's Paul Radu on their big leaks of banking data in Eastern Europe, Anna Babinets on the corrupt trails out of Ukraine, and Eva Jung, whose work on Danske Bank was recognized this year by the European Press Prize.

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