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Vivienne Walt is International Correspondent for TIME Magazine, covering major stories around Europe and regularly in Africa and the Middle East as well. She is based in Paris. In recent months she has written major covers for TIME on the rise of Europe’s far-right, the battle over Notre-Dame and a profile interview with Emmanuel Macron. She won 2017's SABEW award for international reporting for a long piece on blockchain, and the 2018 NABJ award for international reporting on child miners in the DRC. She has written since 2003 for TIME Magazine, which she first joined as a correspondent while covering the Iraq War. She is also Europe Correspondent for Fortune Magazine. For both, she's traveled through most of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe focusing on war and conflict, and the human toll wrought by Western business operations, from diamonds to oil. Among her recent work: A long dispatch from Baghdad on 15 years of war, a dispatch from Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, and a piece on the wrenching cost of cobalt mining in the DRC. She is a regular juror for the OPC awards and the Prix Bayeux for war correspondents.

Vivienne is speaking at

Business Environment
September 28, 2019
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
K89, Der Spiegel


  • Tom Johnson (Speaker) Founder and Editor, The Gecko Project
  • Fabiola Torres (Speaker) Founder and director,
  • Estacio Valoi (Speaker) Investigative journalist, Center for Mozambique Investigative Journalism CJIMOZ
  • Vivienne Walt (Moderator) TIME Magazine


Investigating how natural resources are used and abused is a critical area for investigative reporters. This session focuses on water and timber – resources in great demand that are highly profitable and increasingly scarce. Their exploitation has a major impact on individuals, wider society, climate change and the environment generally. Hear tips from experienced reporters on how to investigate these two sectors: Tom Johnson, from Mongabay and The Gecko Project, looks at the corruption driving Asian land grabs and destruction of rainforests; Fabiola Torres shares her experience exposing industry problems in Latin America; and Oxpecker’s Estacio reports on what’s happening in his native Mozambique.

French Translation
September 28, 2019
4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
Lecture Hall 150, HafenCity Universität (HCU)



Investigating war and conflict takes a special set of skills and considerable resilience. Here are three veteran correspondents who have investigated very different conflicts around the world. Who's financing the war and arming the fighters? What resources are at stake and who stands to gain from the conflict? Find out how to dig beyond the official releases, propaganda, and smoke of war.

French translation for this session is provided by CFI, the French media development organization.

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