Aisha Elgayar

Editor, Al-Qabas

Aisha Elgayar is an Egyptian Journalist based in Kuwait. Aisha has a vast amount of experience in journalism having worked in media for over 20 years. She currently works at Al-Qabas Newspaper in Kuwait. She began working as an investigative journalist over two years ago when she began training with ARIJ. She earned a fellowship from the GIJN for her investigation into human trafficking in the workforce in Kuwait. She is also an editor at Al-Fanar Media, where she has published multiple articles regarding higher education and academic misconduct in Kuwait. Her reporting has also covered women and human rights in Kuwait. Aisha received the ARIJ annual award at their annual forum in 2017 for her investigation "Cheated Education" in Kuwait.

Aisha is speaking at

September 28, 2019
9:00 am - 10:15 am
Atrium, Der Spiegel



Migrants and refugees have become a pressing topic not only for journalists but for politicians, police, and the general public. The number of international migrants reached 258 million in 2017, up a striking 49% since 2000, according to UN data. That's enough people to make up the fifth most populous country on Earth. 

There is no shortage of great investigative stories to do: deadly smuggling routes that have killed thousands, a shadowy industry of brokers and smugglers, the fate of prostitution and forced labor that await many, and misspent or misused aid money. This is an issue likely to grow even greater in importance. If you want to know where the stories are and how to report on them, this session is for you.

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