Amal Mekki

Freelance Journalist

Amal el-Makki is an independent journalist interested in human rights. She has worked with a number of Tunisian media, including Hikayat Online, Radio Kalima and Tunisian TV, as well as foreign media such as The Guardian. She is also an information and communication consultant for a number of civil society organizations. This year, Amal produced her first short documentary, "Moush Wakto", which focused on the reality of individual freedoms in Tunisia. She also completed her first investigation with ARIJ, which revealed the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior's violation of human rights by using an illegal border procedure that prevented thousands of Tunisians from traveling abroad. Amal el-Mekki is the first Tunisian journalist to win a case against the Ministry of the Interior regarding access to information.

Amal is speaking at

September 27, 2019
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
K89, Der Spiegel



More than 100 countries now have freedom of information (FOI) and right-to-information (RTI) laws. But many are not tested and others work poorly.

In this panel, three experts will describe their success in requesting government information using FOI and RTI laws, including ICIJ, which coordinated requests in scores of countries for its medical devices project. Tips and tricks will be shared along with practical ideas for fruitful inquiries.

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