Ides Debruyne

Managing Director,

Ides Debruyne is co-founder and Managing Director (since 2001) of, the first independent non-profit organisation established in 1998 with the purpose of stimulating in-depth cross-border journalism in Europe. Read more: (Photo © Hadeer Mahmoud)

Ides is speaking at

Nonprofits & New Models
September 27, 2019
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
Room 2.015, HafenCity Universität (HCU)



With investigative journalism increasingly dependent on a philanthropic model of support, what are the long-term implications for the profession? Advertisers have long influenced media owners and publishers. Will foundation officers and wealthy donors take their place? What kind of impact and relationship do donors really expect? Are they in it for the long haul, or is muckraking just a fad in philanthropy? How can newsrooms maintain both editorial integrity and healthy working relationships with donors? Join a group of innovative grant makers and nonprofit media organizations for a candid roundtable conversation about the dynamics of donor-funded media, and explore best practices for donors and media working together to ensure journalism can play its essential role in supporting accountability, transparency, and progress.   

September 28, 2019
4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
Lecture Hall 200, HafenCity Universität (HCU)


  • Paul Radu (Speaker) Director, OCCRP
  • Eva Jung (Speaker) Investigative journalist, Berlingske
  • Anna Babinets (Speaker) Editor, Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project
  • Ides Debruyne (Moderator) Managing Director,


What is it about banks and bankers? In the old days, banks were revered institutions, and bankers were considered among the most conservative of businessmen. Now prominent banks -- from Denmark's Danske and Germany's Deutsche Bank to Russia's Troika Dialog, seem the opposite with risky behavior and association with money launderers and kleptocrats. Hear from OCCRP's Paul Radu on their big leaks of banking data in Eastern Europe, Anna Babinets on the corrupt trails out of Ukraine, and Eva Jung, whose work on Danske Bank was recognized this year by the European Press Prize.

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