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Dutch-born Henk van Ess (UK office: +44 1245 79 0645) is obsessed with finding stories in data. That leads to many activities. This year he trained NBC News in New York and Buzzfeed in the use of open source intelligence. For Bellingcat, as a freelancer, he does the same in major European capitals. As a trainer of professionals Henk is specialized in new media, social media and data journalism. As an author, he wrote books in Dutch, French, German, English and Italian about Google, data journalism, web research and Fantastic Facebook formula’s. As a consultant, Henk is a one-stop shop for setting up a professional open source intelligence program and anti-fraud research. His target groups are press, media, law enforcement, product researchers, NGO’s and law firms. Van Ess works together with Bellingcat (trainer and writer) and Poynter (manuals). He is a member of Persgroep Academy in Belgium/The Netherlands and visiting lector of Axel Springer Akademie in Berlin. He also teaches at universities in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, Brussels, Vienna and Hamburg. He works in English, German and Dutch. Van Ess writes columns for BBC, PBS and GIJN about the practical use of the internet. He is a regular speaker on verification techniques, debunking fake news, social media & 'digital diggingʼ at international conferences. He is co-author (2017) of a book about how to conduct proper research (Richtig Recherchieren, German). In 2019 he will publish a Google manual for law enforcers in NL. Henk has a long track record of implementing internet projects for boards, management and employees via Medialabs. He has run workshops for the media in Europe, the US and Canada and does a lot of in company training and special events. His website was quoted on the official Google Blog under ʻWhat Weʼre Readingʼ. Specialties: OSINT, SOCMINT, verification, internet, social media, internet search, internet consultancy, media labs, crowd sourcing, fraud detection

Henk is speaking at

French Translation Data
September 26, 2019
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
Lecture Hall 150, HafenCity Universität (HCU)

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Henk van Ess (Bellingcat) shows in this amazing workshop how much information just one cover photo on Facebook can reveal by using geolocation skills, lateral and literal thinking en sophisticated Google searches.

Target of this workshop is a New York based cybersecurity and terrorism specialists who doesn’t want to leave behind any digital traces, but still does. With deadly precision we will be able to pinpoint the exact date, time, place and reason why the cover photo was taken.

French Translation
September 27, 2019
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Lecture Hall 200, HafenCity Universität (HCU)



Who is the mysterious person behind a mining contract in the Central African Republic? What to do when a Twitter account is completely deleted? How do you find Gullen supporters from just Berlin or any other city in Facebook? Henk van Ess from Bellingcat shows you some fantastic filtering in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, based on his work for European news media.

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