Kunda Dixit

Editor, Nepali Times

A former reporter for the BBC, Kunda Dixit is the founder and editor of Nepali Times, and former chairman of the Centre for Investigative Journalism in Kathmandu. He has written several books, amongst them 'Dateline Earth' on environmental journalism and 'A People War', a trilogy of photo books on the Nepal conflict.Twitter: @kundadixit

Kunda is speaking at

Crime & Corruption
September 27, 2019
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
Atrium, Der Spiegel



Exposing ethnic cleansing and war crimes takes a special set of  skills, ranging from intense work with interviews in the field to careful documentation in the newsroom. And an approach that will help protect both the victims and yourself. Come hear from these widely experienced journalists on how they've done some of the toughest work in journalism. Freelancer Leila Minano has covered at length the war in Syria and the use of rape as a weapon of war. Filmmaker Cecile Allegra has covered war zones in central Asia and Africa, with a focus on the Libyan civil war. And Reuters' Andrew Marshall shared a Pulitzer Prize for his work on the attacks on and explusion of the Rohynga in Myanmar. 

September 29, 2019
9:00 am - 10:15 am
K89, Der Spiegel


  • MaurĂ­cio Angelo (Speaker) Founder, The Mining Observatory
  • Omaya Sosa (Speaker) Co-Director, Center for Investigative Journalism
  • Carla Minet (Speaker) Center for Investigative Journalism In Puerto Rico
  • Estacio Valoi (Speaker) Investigative journalist, Center for Mozambique Investigative Journalism CJIMOZ
  • Kunda Dixit (Moderator) Editor, Nepali Times


Covering disasters -- whether natural or human-caused -- takes a special set of skills. Investigative journalists today are using a combination of tech-savvy approaches with time-tested methods of on-the-ground reporting. They are also learning to better deal with the tragedy and trauma around them. Here are veteran journalists who have experienced very different disasters -- hurricanes, collapsed dams, earthquakes -- and learned how to both dig and cope under pressure.

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