Rick Barker

Creator, Music Industry Blueprint

We are who Google says we are, If that is the case here are just a few things that will pop up about Rick Barker. 1. He was hired to manage the career of Super-Star Taylor Swift with ZERO experience… 2. He Co-Authored a book The $150,000 Music Degree without physically writing one word… 3. He is the Host of The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast which is in the Top 10 of Music Podcasts… 4. He is a featured Keynote and Motivational Speaker at Music & Entrepreneurial Conferences all over the World. 5. His online training programs have helped thousands of artists in over 33 countries and over 23 genres of music. What Google might not mention is the amount of lives he has impacted by sharing his personal testimony of growing up with a single mom, drug addiction, jail time and his personal recovery (he has been Sober over 28 Years). He is also happily married to his wife Jill (20 Years) and has two amazing teenagers Brianna (18) and Logan (16). Rick teaches through his stories. They will make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly make you THINK and take action. He lives by two quotes: “Your Past Does Not Define Your Future, If YOU Don’t Let it.” And, “You Don’t Drown By Falling Into The Water, You Drown By Staying There.”

Rick is speaking at

April 21, 2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


  • Rick Barker (Speaker) Creator, Music Industry Blueprint
  • Darryl Spring (Speaker) Owner / Host, Spring Pod / Darryl Talks TO Bands
  • Darryl Hurs (Speaker) Owner / Partnerships / Programmer, Indie Week Canada


Rick Barker had 0 artist management experience when he was hired to manage a then-unknown, teenage Taylor Swift in the mid 2000s.

But as a West Coast promo exec at Swift’s label Big Machine, Barker knew how to take an artist and their music from nowhere to everywhere with the right grassroots approach. “If you want to sell 500,000 records, you have to meet 500,000 people,” he famously told her at the start of their journey together.

Barker has since gone on to found The Music Industry Blueprint, an online training program and podcast series that has impacted thousands of artists in over 30 countries across 20+ genres of music. Rick will share candid insights from his career, his life in personal recovery and the actions you can take to embrace the new paradigm of music marketing.  


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