Beth Cavanagh

Owner / Publicist / Manager, What's The Story?

Beth is speaking at

April 23, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Oscar Furtado (Speaker) Owner / Promotions Manager, Tandemtracks Promotions
  • Josie Dye (Speaker) Morning Show Host, Indie 88
  • Adam Lewis (Speaker) CEO, Planetary
  • Rian Malloch (Speaker) Co-founder / Owner, Digital Artist Services / Skware Eyes Collaborative
  • Darryl Hurs (Speaker) Owner / Partnerships / Programmer, Indie Week Canada
  • Beth Cavanagh (Speaker) Owner / Publicist / Manager, What's The Story?
  • Doug Elliott (Speaker) Rock 94.9


Streaming and online activities have soared especially during COVID. Artists and managers are constantly pursuing getting placed on a playlist on a streaming platform and gaining followers on social. Which brings the question, "IS RADIO STILL VALID?".  The answer is YES! Hear from our diverse group speakers on why radio is still a very important part of an artists career. You will hear from people on the radio as well as people who are pitching to radio.

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