Noemí Planas

Network Development Director, WIN Worldwide Independent Network

Noemí Planas is Network Development Director at WIN, the international organisation representing independent music trade associations worldwide, where she coordinates initiatives to support existing members and the development of new associative structures in emerging markets. Previously she was a board member of IMPALA, the European association of independent music companies, and a founder member and executive manager of the Spanish Independent Phonographic Union (UFI). She also worked on a record label, coordinated a music festival, did booking and tour managing, and founded her own music publishing company.

Noemí is speaking at

February 16, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm



This session (NOT A TYPICAL PANEL!), will focus on international collaboration of the music community, exemplified by the co-sponsors, speakers and Screen X Screen, who together work for all; across country and language differences, for creators, fans and committed music executives in all areas to facilitate international trade and development. It will offer introductions and connections for all participants in a fast paced, informative, networking bonanza. It's a result of 5 years of CAB and Mondo, all with LyricFind support, and 4 years of all of us, including many of the speakers, working closely with Indie Week and with CIMA and many others. In a tragic time for too many, we come together to celebrate the individuals and organizations, including all Indie Week delegates, who continue to network, learn, move forward, solve problems, work together, beyond any perceived differences, always for mutual benefit. It will be fun! Chats and direct messages will be flowing. Just afterwards, there will be a networking afterparty of breakout rooms, as I'm sure you've all experienced on Zoom over the past months.

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