Shreya Patel

Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, ELLKAY

Shreya Patel is Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at ELLKAY. Ms. Patel is responsible for the ELLKAY product roadmap and introducing innovative new solutions. She believes that technology should be seamless, exciting, constantly evolving to changes in the market, and empower the core business of any healthcare organization. She has spent the last eight years in healthcare, during which major changes occurred in healthcare policies, driving the necessity for solution adoption and increased interoperability. Her mission is to constantly rethink technology, craft powerful solutions that end-users fall in love with, and ensure ELLKAY builds brilliant solutions that generate true value for their customers and patients. Ms. Patel holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from North Carolina State University, has contributed to and authored numerous HIT articles, loves the outdoors, is entrepreneurial by nature, and thrives on thinking differently to solve technological challenges.

Shreya is speaking at

Track: Analytics & Data
October 25, 2018
3:50 pm - 4:40 pm
Regency B/C


  • Mick Raich (Speaker) Founder, Vachette Pathology
  • Shreya Patel (Speaker) Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, ELLKAY


The billing for lab services is amazing complex and nuanced; there are thousands of variables which go into the process to get paid for services. It is imperative in these times of financial crisis that labs work to audit their billing process. Mick Raich and Shreya Patel will discuss how this process is handled and teach the attendees the tenets of this process.

  • Charge capture, are you billing everything you do?
  • Claim review, HFCA versus service performed, are you missing anything?
  • Denial management, a primer on how to use denials to increase your revenue.
  • Getting paid correctly, comparing your EOB to the actual paid amount. Finding those lost dollars.

This speech will teach those in the lab revenue cycle world how to begin the audit process and where to look for lost revenue.

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