Rachel Oberhauser

Project Manager, SSP Training & Certification
Homeland Security Solutions, Inc.


Rachel Oberhauser is the Project Manager for Training and Certification of Emergency Dispatchers with Homeland Security Solutions, Inc., a company that provides support for the United States Marine Corps. Ms. Oberhauser is responsible for the training and certifying of Emergency Dispatchers across Marine Corps installations in accordance with state and federal requirements. This also includes identifying and implementing any training requirements and needs, as necessary. Since joining HSSI, Ms. Oberhauser has provided a standard of training for HSSI Emergency Dispatchers by utilizing her previous experience and knowledge of federally accredited training courses. Since 2013, Ms. Oberhauser has certified over 163 Emergency Dispatchers in APCO Public Safety Telecommunication and certified 28 Communication Training Officers across the Marine Corps installations. Ms. Oberhauser continues to provide insight and subject matter expertise to the Law Enforcement and Corrections Branch, Security Division (PSL) within Headquarters Marine Corps, in a continued effort to implement and standardize training for Emergency Dispatchers Marine Corps wide.


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