Jimmy Patel-Nguyen


Jimmy Patel-Nguyen is the founder of REFUGENE, a father, and a child of Vietnamese refugees. His parents were Vietnamese refugees in1975 but it wasn’t until Jimmy graduated college that he asked them to talk in detail about their experiences. That conversation transformed their relationship and this project is his way of urging refugee communities to document their history in their own words and in their own voice. Before REFUGENE, Jimmy worked in marketing at Under Armour, NC Museum of Art, Travelocity, Crocs, and UNC Health. Most recently, REFUGENE partnered with UNAVSA to publish a book of stories told by Overseas Vietnamese.

Jimmy is speaking at

July 17, 2021
11:30 am - 12:45 pm



How many of our parents' stories have been untold? After my dad survived a heart attack, I started recording conversations with him asking about his life as a soldier, refugee, father, etc. He told me stories I'd never heard—stories that connected me to our family history and cultural heritage. This workshop will give you the structure to have these meaningful conversations. You'll hear recorded stories and receive a story kit to discover/document your family's stories.

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