Resty Fufunan

Policy Intern, OCA National

Resty Fufunan is a rising sophomore at Yale University studying Ethnicity, Race, & Migration and Statistics & Data Science. This summer, he is a Policy Intern at OCA National and an IMPACT! Fellow at the US-Asia Institute. During the school year, he works as a staffer at the Asian American Cultural Center, helping to coordinate programming and events for the wider community. He also serves as a Political Chair for the Asian American Students Alliance and as a Social Chair for Kasama, the Filipinx club at Yale. Having grown up in Chicago, he was fortunate to have access to thriving Asian communities, and much of his work is dedicated to cultivating spaces that allow young adults to explore and interrogate their identities. Resty’s past and present projects include organizing anti-displacement efforts in Chinatown, researching identity formations in ethnic enclaves, combating the school-to-prison pipeline within public schools, and investigating queerness in Asian cultures—particularly within early Filipinx societies.

Resty is speaking at

July 17, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm


  • Ben Chou (Speaker) Harris County Election's Department, Senior Advisor for Policy and Innovation
  • Dr. Janelle Wong (Speaker) Professor, University of Maryland
  • Raymond Partolan (Speaker) National Field Director, Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote)
  • Victor Shi (Speaker) Student, UCLA
  • Resty Fufunan (Moderator) Policy Intern, OCA National
Sponsored By:
OCA Las Vegas


As Asians and Pacific Islanders become the fastest growing groups in the United States, we must organize and advocate for the health and happiness of our ever-changing communities. As of February 2021, there are only 18 Asian and Pacific Islander senators and representatives - but we can work to change that. In this workshop, will explore ways in which Asian and Pacific Islanders can shape the institutions and laws that govern their lives through effective civic engagement, policy advocacy, running for office, and commission appointments at the local level. Then, attendees will be walked through the process of running for office and leading a successful campaign.

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