Stephanie M. Lee

Science Reporter, BuzzFeed News

Stephanie M. Lee is a science reporter at BuzzFeed News. Her feature and investigative stories span a variety of subjects, including research misconduct, the coronavirus pandemic, food, e-cigarettes, biotech, and more. Her work has been featured in The Best American Food Writing. Before joining BuzzFeed News in 2015, she was a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle. She is a UC Berkeley graduate.

Stephanie is speaking at

#SciWriCraft Session Platform: Zoom webinar
October 20, 2020
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm



Authors: Christie Wilcox

Great interviews can bring stories to life, which is why the ability to conduct good interviews is essential for all kinds of science writers, whether they do hard-hitting investigative journalism or PR. Unfortunately, interviewing skills are rarely taught in journalism programs (and they're even more rarely taught outside of them).

How do you get people not accustomed to media attention to open up? How do you get experts to drop the jargon and give useful quotes? How do you ethically approach vulnerable sources? Or manage especially combative interviewees? This session will answer these questions and more by having a panel of seasoned experts provide their hardest-learned lessons from years of conducting interviews.

For roughly half of the session, attendees will hear directly from three veterans: ProPublica's Adriana Gallardo, Buzzfeed's Stephanie Lee, and the University of Washington's Sarah McQuate. In a prerecorded video, they'll share some of their best tips on preparing for interviews, conducting them well, and handling the toughest situations that can come up. After that, the three will engage in a live Q&A period to answer audience questions, allowing attendees to drill deeper into the aspects of interviewing they're most interested in.

Whether you're brand new to journalism and #scicomm or a veteran PIO, if you're looking for tried-and-true tactics to improve the quality of your interviews, this session is for you!

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