Hugues Brenot

Research scientist, BIRA

Expertise in Remote sensing from satellite-based, airborne and ground-based instruments to determine the concentration and distribution of some trace gases and aerosols in the Earth’s atmosphere. He has experience in Geodynamics with the implementation of rheological models of telluric planets during his Postgraduate Degree in Internal Geophysics and Geodynamics (2002, Strasbourg Institute of Earth Physics). He got a PhD in Geophysics (fellowship from the French government), about GNSS meteorology (2002-2006; Grenoble Institute of Earth Sciences – Toulouse Météo-France). He was co-investigator of GALOCAD FP6 GJU/06/2423/CTR project, working on RTK positioning and the perturbation induced by the troposphere (2006-2008; Brussels Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium). He works in GNSS tomography (troposphere and ionosphere), contributing to SIDC Telescience - PRODEX project (2009), to GNSS4SWEC COST action ES1206 (Management Committee member; 2013-2017) and to the Solar and Terrestrial Centre of Excellence – STCE (2009-present). Since 2010, he works at the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, in Brussels, and is deeply involved in the implementation and set-up of the Support to Aviation Control Service and its SO2/ash alert system, being co-investigator of SACS+ (ESA project 22520/09/I-EC; 2009-2012) and SACS2 (ESA project - 4000106525/12/F/MOS; 2012-2014). He has been involved in the EVOSS project for a number of technical tasks related to the observations of volcanic plumes (EU FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF). Since 2016, he is implementing an Early Warning System of natural airborne hazard (from a volcanic eruption, desert dust storms, forest fires and radionuclide clouds) in the frame of EUNADICS-AV (H2020 grant agreement no. 723986). He is also co-investigator since 2015 of RESIST and VeRSUS projects (funded by the federal government of Belgium), for which he installed an SO2 camera and two spectrometers for retrieving SO2 flux from Nyiragongo volcano (in the North-East Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo). From May 2019 to June 2020, he lead OPAS Engage KTN project aim at the implementation of a new Yellow SWIM service (i.e. alert products of SO2 plume height from TROMOMI; H2020 grant agreement no. 783287); in collaboration with Scott Wilson (EUROCONTROL), with the consultancy of Rory Clarkson (Rolls-Royce). Since November 2020, he is involved in ALARM project (H2020 grant agreement no. 891467), where he will mainly contribute to the implementation of the early warning system, which intent to combine new alert products from airborne hazard, severe weather, environmental hotspots and space weather).

Hugues is speaking at

December 8, 2020
10:20 am - 10:50 am



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