Chantal Pelham

Principal, Third Sector Enhancement Ltd.

Chantal Pelham-Edwards is an experienced facilitator who is passionate about showcasing the contributions of older adults to communities, and the broader economy. Chantal, in partnership with her father, Chris Pelham, founded an inter-generational family consulting firm in 2014 ( The focus of their work has been on supporting organizations and communities to identify their goals and find ways to achieve them through stakeholder engagement/analysis, strategic planning and program development. Prior to founding Third Sector, Chantal worked with the Government of Nova Scotia in the departments of Economic Development, Environment and Seniors. Chantal was the chair of the original Silver Economy Summit. Chantal is excited to be part of the team that has developed and is delivering the Redefining Retirement Program, and enabling older adults to live their lives with purpose. Chantal is a board member of the St. Margaret’s Bay Community Enterprise Centre, Leading Edge Community Development Consultants Cooperative and is an active volunteer at St. Margaret’s Bay Elementary School. Chantal lives in St. Margaret’s Bay, NS.

Chantal is speaking at

May 27, 2021
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm


  • Joel Stoddart (Speaker) Business Counsellor, Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Chantal Pelham (Speaker) Principal, Third Sector Enhancement Ltd.



Retirement isn’t what it used to be……and that’s a good thing. While retirement once meant ‘a hard stop to work at age 65’, it now means ‘a kaleidoscope of possibilities, including work, leisure, volunteering, entrepreneurship, and much more’.
Join Chantal Pelham-Edwards and Joel Stoddart as they share an overview of this exciting program, contrast some myths and realities of retired life, and get your thought-engines going with a popular exercise from the full-length program.

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