Barry Stevens

President, Stevens Solutions & Design Inc.

Barry Stevens, President, Stevens Solutions & Design Inc. & 3D Wave Design As a Mi’kmaq Acadia First Nation community member, Barry has held positions in both management and engineering roles in advanced development laboratories, anti-submarine warfare product design, HF communications, business development and consulting, training, product sales, and production management. At his last place of employment, he was V.P. of Operations. In 2001, Barry launched Stevens Solutions & Design Inc. (SS&DI) and has supplied communications and custom electronic hardware designs/software solutions for use in corporate communications, instruction and eLearning, security, defence, government agencies, global corporations, non-profits, and Indigenous organizations. As SS&DI focused its R&D efforts to Climate Change adaptation visualization software, 3D Wave Design Mapping Solutions was born. 3D Wave Design has developed close relationships with environmental, First Nations and applied geomatics research groups, particularly in relation to wildfire and inland flood risk assessments and global warming induced sea-level rise prediction and simulation. SS&DI/3DWave’s 3D proprietary LiDAR ingestion software/WebGL visualizations have been used by Atlantic Canadian towns, Municipalities and First Nation communities to demonstrate risks and to develop engineered mitigation solutions for council and public review. Software helps First Nation communities see how climate change could impact them | CBC News. Barry has sat on numerous Indigenous and non-indigenous boards and committees including: • As a regional zone Chief for the Native Council of Nova Scotia, • NCNS Indigenous Citizenship committee member, • Nations in a Circle indigenous heritage and culture society, founding Board Member, • Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network, founding Board Member, • Coastal Action Foundation Board Member, • JEDI Indigenous Entrepreneur Consultant/Mentor, • Mahone Bay Museum Advisory committee member, • Indigenous Consultant for NSCC’s CPET educational program, • Indigenous Consultant for Canada’s Ocean Super Cluster AOSP Vitality program. • Barry’s traditional Mi’kmaq petroglyph artwork has been acquired by the Smithsonian’s Museum of the North American Indian. • Level III Security Clearance held. • NATO NCAGE Supplier. Barry resides with his wife Mary, in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Barry is speaking at

May 27, 2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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