Marco Campana

Freelance Communications Consultant

For almost 30 years Marco Campana has worked in the Canadian immigrant and refugee-serving sector in some form of communications and digital services, from front-line client service to the first Settlement.Org Content Coordinator. He created and managed the Settlement AtWork site, launched OCASI’s Learn AtWork online learning site for sector workers, and has participated in a number of efforts to create a sector Community of Practice. He led digital/social media strategy work at Maytree, and currently works as a freelance consultant helping agencies harness technology in client service delivery. His current focus is on digital transformation, demystifying technology in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Most recently he served as Chair of the Settlement Sector & Technology Task Group, and has been involved in PeaceGeeks’ Settlement 2.0 and Settlement 3.0 research projects looking at innovation in the sector. These projects all looked at the future of the sector and included a variety of consultation strategies including interviews, focus groups, surveys, and literature reviews.

Marco is speaking at

Breakout Sessions - Day 2
October 5, 2021
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm



  • What lessons can recent innovations provide on how to advance migrant and refugee inclusion through digital services—particularly in a context of social and physical distancing?
  • What limitations, challenges and inequities should social innovators in civil society, private sector, and government keep in mind when exploring the potential of tech for inclusion?
  • What investments are necessary to ensure that digitisation does not lead to widening inequalities in diverse communities and societies?
  • How can we prevent a proliferation of short-lived, fragmented digital tools and tech solutions—thus improving sustainability, quality, and impact?

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