Kaylee Campbell

Writer/Editor/Communications & Marketing Consultant, KBD Communications

A published magazine writer and award winning magazine editor, Kaylee currently serves as marketing manager for Dental Depot. She specializes in digital and print content production for senior, caregiving and health related communities. Kaylee also is a freelance social media consultant and novel editor.

Kaylee is speaking at

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Creative space 2


  • Kaylee Campbell (Speaker) Writer/Editor/Communications & Marketing Consultant, KBD Communications


This session will teach attendees how to write effective, engaging content even if writing is not their strong suit. In this interactive session, I will use the attendees and a few props to demonstrate and teach them how to connect and engage with an audience in a genuine and authentic way. Attendees also will learn five simple and actionable tips for writing compelling content that is useful, entertaining, and accessible, allowing them to connect with their audience and drive meaningful engagement. The actionable steps I will share include: 1. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid: How to simplify and why simplifying is important. 2. Let’s Have a Conversation; How genuine, familiar, conversational writing can boost readership and keep audiences engaged. 3. Know the Meaning of Value and Actually Offer It: Using real world examples, we will explore what true value looks like. 4. Show Your Brand’s Personality: Using punctuation and formatting to your advantage and other fun ways you can make the most boring topic interesting and engaging.

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