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Daphne F Leblanc comes with over fifteen years of experience in the social media and web-based marketing fields. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners with all aspects of social media. Her clients call her their business’s personal trainer. She helps her clients make sense of their social media and digital marketing goals. She helps them create workable, on-budget strategies to achieve those goals, just like a personal trainer helps you achieve your fitness goals. As a presenter and speaker, she’s worked with organizations all over the United States to craft and deliver smart, entertaining, and informative presentations about social media marketing and manage

Daphne is speaking at

March 28, 2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am
pocahontas greadington learning & creativity center @ Tulsa Central Library



PROBLEM - Launching a product or service can be extremely time-consuming. Between, email marketing, sales pages, landing pages, webinars, etc, most entrepreneurs and small businesses feel overwhelmed. SOLUTION - I conducted 1 livestream a day for 5 days and was able to make 6 thousand dollars in profits. (PS - without any ad spend) With time, this system has been tweaked to increase engagement, viewership, and ultimately sales. SESSION - This session is intended to give participants a blueprint for strategically using Livestream content to launch a product or service. By combining real-world examples, and walking through the method, participants will leave the room ready to launch their new product! KEY TAKEAWAYS - --> The most common mistakes people make when livestreaming --> Blueprint for launching a product / service using livestream --> List of tools needed to launch your product using livestream

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