David Jackson

Head of Marketing, Winnow

David is a marketing professional of over 15 years working with brands like The Guardian, American Express and NGOs like Shelter and WaterAid. Winnow builds AI tech to help chefs run their kitchens more efficiently focusing on helping them understand and prevent food waste. Since launch 6 years ago Winnow has been deployed in 40 countries and has saved its customers $33m by reducing food waste. Kitchens using Winnow typically see food waste cut in half within 12 months, and chefs using Winnow are collectively saving 23m meals a year from the bin.

David is speaking at

June 13, 2019
9:45 am - 10:10 am
Kitchen Stage



Every ton of food that is lost or wasted represents:

- Hectares of land that could have remained in conservation for climate or biodiversity.

- Cubic meters of water that could have replenished an aquifer or fed a stream.

- Hungry mouths that could have been fed.  


Food wasted by the rich is food needed by the poor. Are food banks key to integrated solutions? What technologies are available to help us reduce this waste increasing the shelf life of fresh fruit and produce, or transforming it through processing and packaging to increase access, availability, and affordability? How can we change behaviors in home kitchens and restaurants to cut down on waste, over consumption, and poor food consumption?  Every bite counts in the great food transformation.  

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